Who We Are

A few words about us

How do you spend your free moments while you are commuting or waiting for a bus? Do you do something good for yourself? Or do you just stare at an endless line of other people’s photos and comments that leave you feeling even worse than before you’ve unlocked your phone? But there is no other convenient content to go through! you’ll say. Well, you are wrong. We have created a handy and easy-to-navigate reading platform. It makes hundreds of books available to you and for a reasonable monthly fee. Find numerous self-help titles, read through all the books as much as you want, and download any of them as many times as you need to – it’s all included in the subscription price.

How do I know I want a whole month’s access? You’ll know what you’re signing up for since we’ll give you a three-day trial period to flip through our library. On top of it, you get a free download of one of our editions. Join our community and start really enjoying your life.